Reasons why you should start eating beetroot.

Beet is also known as white chard. It is a vegetable from the root of the plant called Beta vulgaris. There are many varieties of beets, it is commonly consumed cooked, but it can also be consumed raw, making the most of its nutritional composition.

The plant pigment that gives it its particular purple color is betacyanin; a powerful agent, which is thought to suppress the development of some types of cancer.

Today we want to show you some properties of beets that you probably did not know.

Beetroot helps reduce your blood pressure levels

Beets are an excellent source of nitrates, which, when consumed, are converted to nitrites and nitric oxide. Both are components that help regulate blood pressure

Beets or lowers "bad" cholesterol.

It helps reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and does not allow it to deposit on the walls of the arteries. This protects the heart from potential heart attacks and strokes.

Beetroot is a good food for pregnant women.

Another amazing quality of the root is that it has an abundant supply of folic acid. Folic acid is important for pregnant mothers and unborn babies as it is an essential component for the proper formation of the baby's spinal cord and protects the child from congenital problems.

Beetroot helps fight osteoporosis.

Beets are packed with the mineral silica, an important component for the body to use calcium efficiently.

Beetroot helps control diabetes.

Diabetes sufferers can satisfy their sweet cravings by adding a little beets to their diets. Being a low-glycemic vegetable, it helps keep your blood sugar levels low. Also, this vegetable is low in calories and fat free, making it the perfect vegetable for diabetics.

Treat anemia.

Beets contain a lot of iron. Iron aids in the formation of hemoglobin, which is a part of the blood that helps carry oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body

Beetroot helps fight constipation.

Due to its high soluble fiber content, beetroot acts as an excellent laxative.

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