Rejuvenate, slim and detoxify your body with this powerful homemade infusion

Mornings are to rebuild the body from dehydration and many times water is not enough. Know how to do it! Rejuvenate, lose weight and detoxify with this simple infusion

Natural homemade infusions are usually an effective alternative to drinking water, as crazy as it may seem, many people know that they should drink a glass of water when they wake up, but they still do not like its taste or are not able to keep this economical healthy habit what to do?

Powerful drink with lemon

As a vital source of energy, water makes up more than 90% of the human body, a percentage that agrees with the recommendations of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which indicates that each adult should be drunk at least 2 liters of water daily.

How to make the moisturizing homemade infusion?

Take a glass and squeeze half a lemon with a little water. You won't need the sugar! That's it.

Benefits? In addition to being able to make your water drinkable and inhibit some microorganisms that develop in this habitat, you can count on significant levels of limonene, a substance found only in citrus fruits and which has anti-cancer properties according to this report published 2 years ago

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