Simple recommendations to avoid insomnia

Suffering from insomnia is very common in adults and is quite harmful to health and our daily routine.

Today we want to teach you some simple treatments to avoid insomnia.

If you want to know more about this sleep disorder, I recommend you read this publication. Why do we suffer from insomnia? ’’

To avoid this sleep disturbance, we recommend that you follow the following tips.


By learning meditation and relaxation techniques, you will prevent your body from being on alert when it doesn't need it.

Better avoid

After 6 p.m., cut out your coffee and all kinds of exciting caffeinated beverages that can keep you on your toes.

Don't forget to have dinner

Going to bed hungry makes it difficult to sleep and can cause us to wake up with an upset stomach. Run away from copious dinners, but try not to be hungry.

A little cold

Elevated temperatures can cause intermittent rest. A little ventilation during the day and the optimal temperature at night are key to a good rest.

Establish a routine

This way you will get your body used to knowing that it is time to rest and it will be easier to get to sleep.

A nap

A short break after eating will improve the quality of your sleep at night. Of course, it should not be more than half an hour.

The sleeping bedroom

Do the rest of the activities, such as eating or watching TV, better to do them outside the room.

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