Simplify your weight loss workout with cobra pose, an easy asana that can also blast belly fat

You should definitely trust yoga for weight loss, especially if you are a beginner. And cobra pose happens to be the easiest of the lot, with a special power to reduce belly fat.

The ancient practice of yoga has many benefits for our health. But keeping everything else aside, yoga has also been proven to aid weight loss. One asana that is the epitome of practicing yoga for weight loss is the cobra pose. 

This pose is easy and quick to do!

If you’re someone who doesn’t like working out in gyms and yet want to lose weight and stay physically fit then you’ve got to try the cobra pose, which happens to be very easy to do. The best part? You don’t need to be very strong or flexible to pull this pose off. 

In fact, cobra pose is considered to be a great workout that targets the abdominal region and helps blast belly fat. This not only helps you lose weight, but can also help in various other ways too.

1. Cobra pose stretches the chest while strengthening the spine and shoulders
2. Doing this asana regularly can help reduce belly fat, while toning abdominal muscles
3. It improves digestion and is good for people who are suffering from constipation
4. This energizing backbend also helps in back pain
5. Cobra pose works well on your upper body and helps in reducing the fat from there
6. It also improves the functioning of the reproductive system and can regulate your menstrual cycle
7. It improves blood circulation in the body
8. Cobra pose is also beneficial for people with asthma

So now you know how the cobra pose can aid weight loss, learn how to do it at home:

  1. Begin by lying flat on your stomach
  2. Place your hands next to your shoulder, while keeping your palms underneath your shoulders
  3. Stretch out your toes and keep your feet together, with toes pointed out
  4. Lift your upper body—head, shoulders and torso—and inhale
  5. Gently arch your neck upwards. Make sure your navel is not off the floor
  6. Broaden and stretch your shoulders
  7. Now hold this posture for 20-30 seconds or as long as you are comfortable
  8. To come back to the starting position, slowly exhale and bring down your torso
  9. You can repeat this for up to 3 times

Before doing the cobra pose, remember this…
Since this pose puts a lot of pressure in the lower abdomen region, women who are pregnant are strictly advised to avoid this pose. Also, people who are suffering from spondylitis should also NOT try this. People who have extreme back pain or asthma should first consult with an expert before performing this asana.

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