Tips to support someone dealing with cancer

If you have a loved one who is battling cancer, you can ensure you’re always there for them.

Being diagnosed with cancer can turn anyone’s life upside down within one second. Along with the patient, even their family members and close friends feel the impact of such a life-changing health condition.

A small effort by you could mean the world to them.

Of course, it is only normal to take time to process everything and acknowledge the emotions involved but after a point, you need to focus on how you can be of support to your loved one.

Cancer is tough not just physically but also mentally. Hence, your emotional support could mean a lot and could go a long way in fighting this battle.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can be there for a loved one battling cancer:

1. You can be a good listener
You need to communicate with them to ensure that they know you’re always there to hear them out. It’s important that very early on you convey to them that they might not be ready to talk about their illness but when they are, you will be there to listen. Be an active listener and engage in conversations with them.

Be a good listener and a shoulder to cry on for your loved one during this time

2. Acknowledge their feelings
Being diagnosed with cancer can be such an emotional experience. Be aware of the fact that they will be going through an entire range of feelings and you might not always understand them.

Make sure you are not being dismissive of their feelings and not projecting your emotions onto them.

When they tell you they feel scared, don’t ask them to not worry. Instead, ask them how you can make them feel better.

3. Make extra time for them
Your friend might need extra support and care. Hence, you need to ensure that you check on them regularly and try to meet up whenever it is convenient for both of you.

However, you need to acknowledge the fact that the plans will have to take their health into consideration.

They might feel tired or might not want to be treated with so much sensitivity that they end up feeling like a burden. You can be vigilant about them but try to treat them as you always have.

Try to have a good time with your loved one during this time, so that they can feel a sense of normalcy.

4. Keep the morale high
There’s no doubt that you will have your own set of worries and fears for your friend. While you always share your feelings with your loved one, ensure that it isn’t the only thing that you do. Try to remind them of the positive things around them.

From the heartwarming memories to everything you’re thankful of them for, bring out all the reasons you like spending time with them It is important that their illness is not the only topic of discussion.

Yes, the situation is tough but you can be the support your loved one needs when diagnosed with cancer.

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