Why is important to warm up and stretch before exercising?

Warming up or stretching the muscles is essential to perform any physical exercise.

These exercises consist of gentle exercises and light stretching to condition the body to greater effort.

By warming up and stretching before doing your exercise routine, you prevent sprains, strains, injuries, and fractures. This is because progressively increasing body temperature potentially reduces muscle injury by allowing the muscle to better adapt to the overall movement and effort of the body.

Warming up relaxes muscles and increases blood flow along with nutrients in cartilage and muscles. Additionally, stretching before and after exercising gives the muscle some recovery time to relieve pain.

When doing warm-up exercises, increase your heart rate gradually. Without warming up, the shock and stress the cardiovascular system is subjected to can cause less long-term damage.

The exercises have to be dynamic, it is advisable to adopt a stretching position, push a little where there is some type of tension and hold the position for about 3 seconds and repeat it between 5 and 10 times.

It improves flexibility as it reduces muscle viscosity, and can also improve physical performance in general.

Warming up and stretching has so many benefits for your life that you can include it as a daily routine even when you do not practice any exercise, this improves your health and the proper functioning of your body.

Daniel Pire

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