Why you shouldn't stay up late and sleep 8 hours a day

We know that sleeping 8 hours a day sometimes seems complicated by all the responsibilities we have daily and the little time we have left to rest.

The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that an adult must sleep between 7 and 8 hours to maintain an optimal physical, emotional and mental state.

Sleeping less than six hours a day for a week is proven to cause changes in more than 700 genes.

Published studies analyze bedtime habits and conclude that those who sleep less than six hours have a higher risk of dying and only after staying up late do they have loss of part of the brain tissue.

Some common effects of lack of dreams are:

Excessive hunger and anxiety

Lack of sleep is related to the tendency to eat in larger amounts with a higher number of calories and carbohydrates. Similarly, you would be more likely to choose junk food, even when you are not hungry.

Less physical attractiveness

Those who have studied the consequences of staying up late agree that people who look tired are considered less accessible. Over time this effect worsens, as the skin ages.

More likelihood of disease

A rest supports a strong immune system.

More memory problems

Being tired affects your ability to concentrate and you can forget things. This can make it difficult to learn and retain concepts. After a period of time.

Increases the risk of cerebrovascular diseases

2012 Sleep research states that stroke risk is increased for adults and the elderly.


Poor sleep is related to chronic diseases such as type II diabetes and lower insulin sensitivity.

Heart diseases

Sleep deprivation could be linked to high blood pressure, blocked arteries, and heart failure.

Decreases the number of sperm

It can affect fertility by registering a lower concentration of sperm in the semen.

So it is advisable to dedicate a little more time to the adequate rest of our body to maintain a healthy life.

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