Work From Home making your body stiff? Ease the pain

Your body can get stiff if your work demands that you sit in a single place for too long. Try these stretching exercises to relieve muscle tension.

Sitting in the same position and looking at the screen can be tiresome. Not just mentally, but also physically. Without much movement, your muscles can get tensed. If you don’t work on relieving that tension, you’ll soon end up suffering from stiffness!

If working from home is not working out well for you, thanks to posture issues, then here are some stretches. 

The stiffness in the body occurs due to a bad posture and reduced physical movement. Given the coronavirus situation, we’ve all been working from home. This means that we’ve been doing work from the comfort of our bed, sofa, and bean bag while completely ignoring the importance of a desk and chair.

So, if you’ve been suffering from back and neck pain, you might have the comfortable bed and sofa to blame for it since they’re not too great for a good posture. However, you can try these stretches to relieve the stiffness from your body.

Stretches are not only important to relieve the tension in the muscles but also to increase the blood flow. Here are a few stretches that you can do daily under 10 minutes without any type of equipment to bid goodbye to all that body pain:

1. Triceps stretches
This relaxes the connective tissue and increases the blood circulation from as well as around the upper arm. Doing this stretch regularly also prevents the muscle from tightening.

2. One Arm Hug
It targets the back, upper chest, and relaxes the muscles from there. One arm hug stretch also improves the flexibility and motion of your shoulders.

3. Shoulder shrug
This stretch should be a must if you suffer from shoulder or neck pain. Shoulder shrug strengthens and stabilizes your shoulder and neck. Thus, it reduces the strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. Brownie point? It also improves posture!

4. Reach for the Sky
Practicing this stretch regularly keeps your muscles free from stiffness and helps ease stress. It is an excellent stretch to loosen the shoulders and upper back.

5. Upper Back Stretch
If you’re suffering from a major backache issue, you just need this stretch to fix that. Constant practicing can correct your posture and prevent you from slouching all day. Moreover, it also reduces stiffness and decreases the risk of muscle damage. It increases blood circulation and allows more oxygen to get into the muscles. It is a great way to improve your flexibility.

6. Hamstring stretch
Stretching the hamstring muscle prevents it from becoming too tight which can lead to straining or tearing up. It also provides extra support to your back and pelvis. Furthermore, it also improves flexibility and posture.

7. Calf Raises
It strengthens your calves and improves the blood circulation in that area which can help in preventing injury.

8. Neck stretches
A simple neck stretching routine is all you need to remain free from pain. Stretches like neck roll help decrease the tension around the neck. It’s also great for headaches and stiffness.

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