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Always have these 3 medicinal herbs on hand to relieve stomach gas

these three medicinal herbs will be the best option to reduce the stomach gas

The origin of the gas formation is multiple. Sometimes it is due to the ingestion of some food such as carbonated drinks, and other times it is to blame for bad habits acquired, such as eating too quickly, or even nerves or emotional stress. It can also happen that more than one factor is involved at the same time.

It is not difficult to alleviate this uncomfortable problem. One way to do this concerns diet. Many foods, such as figs, papaya or kiwi could be part of a supposed carminative diet. But also the infusions prepared with plants such as chamomile, boldo or anise.

In addition, today we will show you 3 medicinal herbs that will help you alleviate the problem of intestinal gas


Cardamom (Elletaria cardamomum) contains a very active essential oil, with a strong stimulating action on digestion, as well as carminative.

When preparing the infusion with the cardamom fruits, include a tablespoon of star anise and mint. Take two glasses a day, after the main meals.



Peppermint not only reduces gas formation in the intestine, it also promotes the digestion of food and prevents constipation.

To prepare it, heat a cup of water, add the mint leaves and simmer for a couple of minutes on low heat. After this time wait for it to rest, strain it and take it slowly, calmly.



Although the most common is to use this plant as a condiment, you can also prepare an infusion with its leaves. These are a good resource for treating bloating or bloating and preventing gas and belching.

You can use the leaves and fruits of the laurel, along with pennyroyal, to prepare an infusion and take it after meals.


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