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Check out these three foods that help you fight the discomfort of menstrual pain

What if you open the refrigerator and find a variety of foods that can help you fight menstrual cramps? Today we will show you that this is possible and within your reach

Currently there are different treatments to manage menstrual pain, from anti-inflammatory and analgesic tablets to the traditional grandmother's tea. In spite of this, there are foods that we always have at home and we do not know their use for these foods.

Today we will show you which are these foods that you can use as tools to alleviate the annoying spasms or bellyaches that you carry every month

Milk and Onion

It is an ancient remedy against these spasmodic pains. To prepare it you will need a liter of milk and 250 grams of onion and put them for 15 minutes. The mixture is left to rest and consumed hot. When you feel pain it can be taken every 45 minutes.



Thanks to the caffeic acid it is effective for the relief of period pain. It can be consumed as a spice in many recipes or as an infusion. If we choose to drink it, it is recommended to do so every half hour.



Ginger tea is another effective remedy when it comes to relieving menstrual pain. This is because it acts as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. To prepare an infusion, you must boil a ginger root in water for 15 minutes. Let it rest, strain it and drink it twice a day.


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