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Drink water and lemon frequently to reduce your glycemic index and keep you healthy

The lemon is a citrus fruit widely used in different foods and drinks. In addition, it has benefits for maintaining proper blood glucose levels

Drinking warm water with lemon juice helps limit blood sugar. But you have to be careful because lemon juice, although it immediately causes a drop in blood sugar, has sugars that make it a food that you should always take very carefully in people with diabetes. Lemon has the power to lower blood sugar, but some precautions should be taken to help the fruit provide the best it can.


Some vegetables, such as lemon and ginger, act more effectively in reducing blood sugar and, over time, also provide several benefits to the body, such as better digestion, faster metabolism and better weight maintenance. Lemon with peel helps reduce blood sugar. It is very useful to add lemon peel to salads, infusions and some desserts, after they have been grated. This helps your body to burn the sugars just ingested.

Pure water does not raise blood sugar levels. Therefore, drinking water helps the body to eliminate excess glucose through the urine. In addition, it is good to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. If you wish, you can add lemon, lime or orange slices; sprigs of tasty herbs, such as mint, basil or lemon balm.

These properties of the lemon can show a decrease in the sugar in blood; nevertheless, although its power is reported, also it is the one of the medical therapies that, therefore, NEVER must be suspended and be replaced by the consumption of lemons, since this behavior would expose to serious damages for the health, with even lethal consequences.


To quantify the glycemic index of a food, it is necessary to take 50 grams. At this point, you should monitor your blood glucose levels for the next two hours. These values should be compared with those of the reference standard which is glucose or white bread (glycemic index = 100). If a food has a glycemic index of 60, it means that when you eat 50 grams of that food, your blood sugar increases by 60% compared to 50 grams of glucose or white bread. The glycemic index of lemon is 20.

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