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Garlic: a disease scare loaded with nutritional properties

Although the healthy effects of garlic have been known since ancient times, research on this food gave its most relevant fruit in the 40s. 

Garlic: a disease scare loaded with nutritional properties

When it was discovered that one of its components, allyl sulfide, when in contact with air is transformed in another substance, allicin (responsible for the penetrating smell of garlic), which has a more than considerable bactericidal power.

However, the therapeutic effect of allicin only lasts a few minutes, so it is convenient to ingest raw garlic quickly to fully enjoy its healthy properties, since cooking it destroys allicin, although other nutrients are maintained.

Garlic: a disease scare loaded with nutritional properties / Pexels

It is a disease killer loaded with nutritional properties and health benefits (sulfuric compounds and its many phytonutrients, gave it this fame). And also it is much more than a condiment.

Hence, hanging strings of garlic in houses was not only done to scare away vampires, but because already in Ancient Greece, Hippocrates, father of modern medicine, used it to treat different diseases. Its regular consumption can help improve digestion, better absorb nutrients from food, and also optimizes the functions of the pancreas and liver.


Otitis. When your ears feel swollen and painful, toast a small garlic clove over direct heat until it turns brown. Still warm, wrap it in cotton and place it in the affected ear for ten minutes. Repeat three times a day.

Bug bites and minor burns. Rub the affected area with garlic crushed in olive oil. The inflammation will go away little by little.

Corns and calluses on the feet. Crush four cloves of garlic in a mortar, add a little olive oil (you can add onother kind of oil but it is a very good option) and let the mixture rest for ten minutes.

Then, apply the mixture on a gauze pad to the hardness and keep it adhered to the hardness for 24 hours with a tape. Once the lesion is softened, remove it with a skin file or pumice stone.

To be protected against flu and colds, add garlic to your meals.


Garlic: a disease scare loaded with nutritional properties / Pexels

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