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Get a glowing skin with this magical and easy juices

If you dream of having a peachy glow, then it’s time to make these three drinks a part of your diet. Read on to know more about these home remedies for glowing skin.

We’ve often heard ‘you are what you eat’, and that’s true in every way! That’s because whatever you consume shows up in your body, whether internally or externally. One of the first signs of good health is a glowing skin. Whatever you feed yourself shows first on your skin! 

Get a glowing skin with no make up! Image courtesy: KG Salon

If you gorge on unhealthy processed foods, then your skin will look dull, dry and dehydrated. But if you take care and follow a healthy lifestyle, your skin will speak a completely different language. 

And to ensure you’re in the pink of health, you must always include fruit and vegetable juices to your diet. These, by the way, can also help you get glowing skin. 

So without wasting any time, let us learn a little about these beauty elixirs that will help you get the skin of your dreams! 

1. Carrot and beetroot juice

If there’s one veggie we can’t stop admiring, it is beetroot. Just look at its lovely colour. And that’s not all: it is also a powerhouse of nutrients. And that’s exactly why beetroot juice is great for your health. There are some people who also like to add carrots to this juice, and trust us, it’s a match made in heaven.

You are one shot away from glowing skin. Image courtesy: Times of India

Beetroot and carrot juice detoxifies the body, because of the presence of betaine in beetroot that improves healthy liver function. Carrot, too, helps to release toxins from the body. What’s more, both beetroots and carrots are superfoods that reduce inflammation in our bodies.

Lastly, this juice improves blood circulation, and being a rich source of vitamins A and C, gives you a healthy glow!

2. Green apple and pomegranate juice

Both green apple and pomegranate offer a host of benefits, which means you get the power of these two fruits in one juice! This spells good news because it will improve the quality of your skin by manifolds.

Pomegranates and green apples contain generous amounts of vitamin C, enzymes and other antioxidants that heal your skin and improve its glow. In fact, this vitamin also works as an anti-inflammatory agent that also reduces acne and dark spots.

So ladies, drink up this elixir every day, and receive loads of compliments from your friends and family!

3. Papaya, cucumber and lemon juice

We’ve often heard how papayas make for great face packs, but guess what? It also offers benefits when consumed as a juice. That’s because this fruit has enzymes that restore the glow in your skin and hydrate it like no other. Cucumber, as we all know, provides cooling properties to your skin, and lemon serves as a detoxifying agent! All in all, this drink enhances your health and well-being, and makes your skin shine!

Bring that glow back with papaya juice . Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What are you waiting for? Make these juices a part of your diet and glowing skin won’t elude you!

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