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Ginger: a food with incredible benefits for your health

Ginger, beyond an exotic seasoning, is a root that provides many benefits to our health: it stimulates the immune system, it is a powerful antioxidant, and a great anti-inflammatory.

Ginger: a food with incredible benefits for your health
Ginger: a food with incredible benefits for your health / Pexels

Best of all, it is natural, delicious, easy to have at home and also to always carry with you. We tell you what ginger is for, all its benefits and the different ways to take it so that you can start incorporating this super root into your life.


It is useful in other stomach disorders that cause nausea and mild gastritis, as well as a gastrointestinal stimulant, tonic and expectorant.

Stimulates the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. Promotes circulation by keeping blood fluid, helping to prevent hardening of the arteries.

It is a natural antioxidant thanks to its high percentage of vitamins B6 and C, as well as its high content of minerals, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

It is excellent for improving hair hydration, eliminating dandruff and preventing hair loss.

It allows treating trauma and rheumatism. However, high consumption can weaken vision and in some patients gastritis could worsen if they have been previously treated with anti-inflammatory painkillers.

It is also attributed characteristics of natural antidepressant, against premature aging, anti stress and prevents colon and ovarian cancer.

Helps the body lose weight because it stimulates gastric juices, thus preventing the fermentation of food during its transit through the digestive tract.

Ginger is a natural fat burner and helps us feel full after every meal. Taking it with lemon juice would help detoxification. Its thermogenic properties stimulate the metabolism and facilitate the burning of calories.

Ginger: a food with incredible benefits for your health / Pexels


It can be ingested through infusions, smoothies, juices, salads, desserts, powdered, fresh, in tablets or syrups.

There are also products based on ginger such as edible and essential oils, shampoo, conditioners and creams that serve to reduce spots, pimples and cellulite.

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