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Natural remedies to improve circulation, take care of yourself!

A good diet and the practice of daily exercise stimulate optimal circulation. There are foods and remedies that help us improve blood circulation.

Natural remedies to improve circulation, take care of yourself!

Circulation problems in the blood are quite frequent and can bring serious health problems such as damaging vital organs or vascular diseases.

There are various causes of this condition, including lack of exercise, a poor and poorly nutritious diet, a sedentary life, among other things.

Natural remedies to improve circulation, take care of yourself / Pexels

Here we present 5 foods that you can consume to prevent or counteract this problem; with the help of exercise and a balanced diet.


The antioxidant effects of powerful garlic are well known

The antioxidant effects of powerful garlic are well known. Well in addition to that, garlic also helps clean the blood and prevents the accumulation of plaques. It can be included in sauces or stews to aid in its intake.

Oranges contains this beloved vitamin

Oranges, lemons and all that food that contains this beloved vitamin. In addition to helping our immune system (excellent to overcome a cold), it prevents plaques from forming in the blood. So everything flows better, which is the important thing.

They are a powerful antioxidant

The king of healthy foods to eat lists also takes pride of place on this one on how to combat poor circulation. And it is that in addition to its countless benefits, this powerful antioxidant also helps our veins and arteries to be healthier.

Watrermelon is rich in lycopene

Rich in lycopene, as well as melon, it prevents the formation of clots in the blood. In addition, watermelon is 95% water, so it also improves body hydration.

Water helps to eliminate toxins

Water helps to eliminate toxins from the body, which undoubtedly helps improve blood circulation, also prevents blood clots. It is recommended to consume 1 Lt ½ to 2 Lt a day to keep the body hydrated and to be able to transport the necessary nutrients to all organs and tissues.

In addition to these foods that help improve circulation, it is interesting to know that ginger, turmeric or sage, for example, contain anti-inflammatory properties, help reduce blood pressure and control the activity of the heart.

All this, added to the simple routine of walking and going up and down stairs, will help us maintain a healthy circulatory system, avoid heaviness, cramps and yes, also the dreaded cellulite.

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