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Peppermint: properties and health benefits

Surely you know the aromatic and gastronomic properties of this plant. However, peppermint has a host of medicinal benefits that have been harnessed for centuries

Peppermint: properties and health benefits

In the extract of its leaves there are different natural chemical compounds that have important effects on our body. It is an easy-to-grow plant of European, Asian and African origin that has been used for several centuries, especially for its medicinal properties.

Peppermint has a host of medicinal benefits / Pexels

1. Prevention of diabetes

One of the properties that has been recently investigated is the activity of menthol in the regulation of lipids that circulate in the bloodstream. In experiments with diabetes-induced rats, the intake of peppermint extract lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which may indicate an important diabetes-preventing property.

2. Antioxidant activity

It helps regulate the cellular oxidation process, due to the bioactive substances present in the mint leaves. This antioxidant action allows in turn to prevent inflammation processes and, in a regular intake combined with other healthy lifestyles, can help prevent chronic degenerative diseases.

Peppermint has shown different modes of action in bacteria and eukaryotic cells / Pexels

3. Antispasmodic and analgesic effects

The intake and also the cutaneous use of peppermint oil has properties as a muscle relaxant. In turn, this allows to dampen painful sensations, an issue that is attributed to the action of menthol. For this reason analgesic properties are recognized.

4. Antibacterial property

Peppermint has shown different modes of action in bacteria and eukaryotic cells, exhibiting different bactericidal properties. This may be due to the presence of phenolic components that act as pro-oxidants, which counteract the activity of bacteria. In addition, one of the effects of mint leaves has been to modulate the activity of the immune system, which is why it has been associated with an antiparasitic effect.

Peppermint helps regulate the cellular oxidation process  /  Pexels

5. Supports digestion

Peppermint can be effective in relieving an upset stomach and indigestion. The latter are generally caused by the prolonged stay of food in the stomach, during its passage to the digestive tract.

In this sense, the intake of peppermint oil with meals has been effective in increasing the speed of passage of food; which means that it supports your digestion.

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