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Prepare these 3 fabulous infusions with natural herbs and eliminate those flu symptoms from your life

There are different ways to fight the flu, but this time, we will show you 3 natural options to eliminate those annoying symptoms

The flu is caused by different viruses that can attack our bodies. In the body's natural process of fighting these foreign agents, some symptoms may occur that can be improved with the correct use of medicinal herbs.

The secretion of mucus, the sensation of chills and sore throats are some of the symptoms that we will teach you today to fight naturally so that you stay active and healthy at all times.

Mucus infusion

For phlegm or respiratory mucus, take infusions of capuchin leaves, a plant that acts as a decongestant. You can also prepare an infusion of fresh ginger root , which acts as an expectorant and clears the nasal passages.


Infusion for chills

Prepare an orange juice, put a cinnamon stick, add hot water and sweeten with honey. Cinnamon has a caloric effect that stimulates perspiration and relieves the chills of a cold. Thyme is an excellent antiseptic and expectorant for coughs, but also calms the chills and the feeling of fever, make an infusion with its leaves or flowers and eliminates this problem quickly.


Throat gargle

Gargle with a warm infusion of antiseptic plant leaves for the throat and lungs such as sage and thyme. Strain the infusion and add two tablespoons of cider vinegar, honey and lemon.


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