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Prepare this natural radish juice to fight diseases and strengthen your immune system

The main function of the immune or defensive system is to protect the body from diseases caused by viruses, fungi, parasites and bacteria

The immune system not only identifies and destroys attackers that try to invade the human body, but it can also recognize them if they try to enter the body again.

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It is normal for our immune system to weaken at certain stages of our life, such as in emotional states, adjacent diseases, stress, poor nutrition and lack of sleep or rest, so we bring for you on this occasion, an incredible recipe that will help you strengthen those natural defenses of the body.

Look how prapare this healthy and nutritious radish natural juice. 



  1. Cut the radishes in 4 parts and liquefy with water
  2. Get the juice of the limes and the oranges separately
  3. Mix the juice of the radishes with the juice of the fruits and that's it.

Note: You can add some sweetener to make it sweeter and more Delicious

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