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Saffron, a great ally for your health!

Saffron is obtained from the stigmas of the saffron rose, which, curiously, is not pink in color, but a nice shade of purple. Its collection involves a lot of time and labor, which justifies its high price in the market.

Saffron, a great ally for your health!

It seems that in Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra and other pharaohs already used saffron as an aromatic essence, while in Classical Greece they used it as a remedy against insomnia and the effects of wine.

Today, this spice is one of the most valued for the pleasant taste and color it gives to foods, but also for its positive effects on health. Here we going to show you all of them.

Saffron, a great ally for your health / Pexels


Saffron infusions can be taken before or after meals, depending on what you want to achieve. If you don't feel like eating, you can make yourself a cup of saffron flakes before sitting at the table to whet your appetite. If you need to improve your digestion, take it in the afternoon.

Brings happiness

There are studies that ensure that saffron can be effective for the treatment of depression and anxiety. A group of researchers from the University of Medical Sciences of Tehran (Iran) has carried out a work in which the properties of this spice are presented to reduce mild or moderate changes in mood, irritability, euphoria, sadness or melancholy, as well as other moods and sleep disturbances.

As a result of this discovery, pharmaceutical companies are already using saffron in the development of products with therapeutic action to combat these disorders.

Saffron, a great ally for your health / Pexels

Wake up the appetite and take care of the heart

Among the properties that are attributed to saffron, its tonic character stands out above all, as an appetite stimulant. Likewise, it favors the digestive processes, facilitates the expulsion of accumulated gases and eliminates the obstruction of the liver.

For people with cardiovascular problems and hypertension, saffron can also be a good ally. Since saffron enhances the flavor of food, it is a very healthy alternative to salt. In addition, it could help lower cholesterol and, as it calms the nerves, helps the heart stay in top condition.


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