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Sesame oil skin mask, ideal for all skin types!

Discover how to make a sesame oil mask ideal for the skin, with this recipe full of benefits and properties to enjoy younger and smoother skin.

Sesame oil skin mask, ideal for all skin types. Enjoy all it's benefits!

When it comes to enjoying a much more natural beauty, opting for one hundred percent natural ingredients for the care, hydration and nutrition of our skin, we can count on a wide variety of foods or products, such as oil from sesame.

 Sesame oil skin mask, ideal for all skin types. Enjoy all it's benefits / Pexels

Sesame oil skin mask

With this oil it is possible to create an ideal homemade mask to nourish and care for the skin, which helps to firm the skin of the face, achieving a totally natural face lift without spending much money.

How to make a sesame oil mask

 Sesame oil skin mask, ideal for all skin types. Enjoy all it's benefits / Pexels


A few drops of sesame oil

2 or 3 sheets of colorless gelatin

Half cup water

Steps to prepare the sesame oil mask:

First heat the half cup of water, and then let it warm up a bit. Now dissolve the gelatin sheets, letting them soak until the sheet is very soft. Ready! The mask is now ready. Now we will proceed to explain how to apply and use it.

How to apply the sesame oil mask:

Put some sesame oil on your fingers and make small gentle pinches all over the face, this way you will get the blood to circulate better. Once this is done, cut the softened gelatin into small strips, and apply directly to those areas of the face where you have more wrinkles.

Then, once this is done, take advantage of the rest of the softened gelatins by repeating the operation again. Let the skin dry by leaving it on for at least 15 minutes. After this time it is removed with plenty of water.

The benefits of the mask

This mask is ideal for any type of skin, and becomes an excellent option when it comes to hydrating the skin by helping to retain more water in the different skin cells.

In addition, it has a very useful firming action in case of flaccidity and wrinkles, thus giving the face a lifting effect that is noticeable almost immediately.

But its qualities do not end here, since it also gives elasticity to the skin, improves its appearance and also provides better cell function.


Sesame is rich in phytosterols, which is like the plant version of cholesterol. Phytosterols block the dietary absorption of cholesterol (as does sesamin, for that matter). In effect, this means sesame should make you excrete excess dietary cholesterol and lower your blood cholesterol.

Studies in rodents and in humans demonstrate this is, indeed, the case, including the Heath Promotion Perspectives 2014 study (above), in which LDL cholesterol levels dropped in sesame-supplemented patients by 10%.

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