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These laxative fruits are the best natural option to avoid constipation

Laxative fruits such as papaya, orange and plum are excellent allies to combat constipation, even in people with a long history of suffering from this intestinal problem.

These laxative fruits are the best natural option to avoid constipation

These fruits contain large amounts of fiber and water, which accelerates intestinal transit and favors the formation of stool. Besides this, fruits also increase satiety, improve metabolism and help you lose weight.

These laxative fruits are the best natural option to avoid constipation / Pexels

These fruits can be consumed daily, both fresh and in natural laxative juices and fruit salads, and can also be used by babies and children, but in smaller quantities so as not to cause diarrhea.

1. Papaya

Papaya, also called milky, is rich in water and fiber, and is well known for its ability to help intestinal function. It contains 1 g of fiber, around 11 g of carbohydrate and 40 kcal per 100 g, in addition to nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and vitamin C.

2. Orange

Orange is rich in water, which hydrates the intestine and feces, in addition to this it is a fruit that contains a lot of bagasse, synonymous with fibers for good intestinal function. A unit of orange has about 2.2 g of fibers, which is more than the fibers in 1 slice of whole wheat bread, for example.

However, it is important to remember that orange juice has practically no fiber, since when the fruit is squeezed, the bagasse ends up being wasted along with its peel.

3. Plum

Plum, both in the fresh version and in the dehydrated form, is rich in fiber and is a good food for the intestine. Each unit of black plum has about 1.2 g of fibers, in addition to providing phosphorus, potassium and B vitamins for the body.

An important sign is that when consuming the dried plum it is important to look at the product label to verify if there is added sugar, which increases the calories of the plum considerably and favors weight gain. So, it is best to buy the dehydrated plum without added sugar.

These laxative fruits are the best natural option to avoid constipation / Pexels

4. Manzanita

Manzanita, also called acerola or semeruco, contains around 1.5 g of fibers per 100 g of fresh fruit, and just 33 kcal, which makes this fruit a good ally for the diet and for the intestine. In addition to this, this same amount of manzanita brings 12 times the amount of vitamin C recommended for an adult per day, being much richer in vitamin than fruits such as orange or lemon.

5. Avocado

Avocado is a champion in fiber content: 100 g of this fruit contains 6 g of fiber. It is also rich in fats that are good for the body and that facilitate the passage of feces through the intestine, in addition to promoting cardiovascular health and improving the levels of good cholesterol.


6. Banana

Despite being known as a gut-supporting fruit, each banana contains at least 1 g of fiber. The secret is to consume this ripe fruit, since its fibers will be ready to help with intestinal transit. On the contrary, those who want to control diarrhea should consume the banana while it is still half green, since in this way its fibers will serve to harden the stool and reduce diarrhea.

Even more powerful than fresh fruit is the green banana biomass, since it has a high fiber content and is naturally a prebiotic food, which supports the health of the intestinal flora.

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