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Try these 3 medicinal herbs to purify the blood and detoxify your body in just three days

Due to the lifestyle we currently live, we are exposed to much more stress, which affects our health. That is why we bring you these 3 medicinal herbs that will change your life

Stress is one of the most common causes of long-term chronic diseases. It can constantly increase cortisol levels in the body so it affects our body in the long term in different ways. This effect can make our body more prone to different diseases caused by toxic substances such as free radicals.

There are medicinal herbs that help you fight those toxins present in the body and inhibit their harmful effects on the body. In this article we will show you three herbs that will help you purify the blood and detoxify the body in just three days.

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Purifying infusions are necessary to naturally eliminate waste substances and, therefore, it is recommended that you include it in your eating routine.

Before starting to consume these medicinal drinks it is extremely important that you consult with your doctor, this because he will be the one who can best guide you about what is best for your health and what is not, depending on your current condition.


 Elderflowers are widely used as a natural diuretic, since its components have been proven to promote urination and, therefore, fight inflammation. In case you opt for the infusion to purify your blood, you should only drink one cup after each meal.


This is a good option to purify your blood, it has diuretic properties that favor the elimination of waste through the urine and, therefore, help to 'clean' the body and improve the concentration of hemoglobin. Try it!


This is an excellent kidney drainer, it has a mild laxative effect that helps eliminate toxins and, therefore, purify your blood naturally. You should not drink more than 3 cups of your infusion per day, as it can lead to blood pressure decompensation or loss of potassium.

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