A new case of Shigella infection is presented in North Kerala

This case has moved the entire population after the death of an 11-year-old boy and a significant number of people who are hospitalized for a possible Shigella infection

First we must know that Shigella is a bacteria that is transmitted through contaminated food and water. It is also possible that it is contracted by direct contact. The main symptom of this disease is diarrhea and abdominal cramps.

This bacterium lodges in the stomach, which is able to cross it and multiply in the small intestine. In this place is where it multiplies mainly and then they go to the large intestine where they are evacuated through the stool and can infect other people.

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This sudden infection has caused panic in the Mayanad area following the death of an 11-year-old boy and the hospitalization of many others with similar symptoms. However, the health department said that only six people had been infected so far and another 26 were suspected cases of the infection.

This infection has been reported in northern Kerala, specifically in the Kozhikode district and its surroundings, such as Kadalundi, Feroke and Mayyanad.

We have started the inspection of all the houses in the affected areas. Initial reports suggest that water contamination led to the infection. We have asked people to drink only boiled water and to maintain strict personal hygiene

They were the words of the Minister of Health, KK Shailaja.

According to sources close to the case, around 25 people, including 13 children, have been admitted to various hospitals in the district with symptoms similar to those of Shigella. Patients include residents of the Kadalundi, Feroke, Peruvayal and Vazhoor areas.

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The district medical bureau organized a camp in Kottapparamba, Kozhikod, and district medical officer V Jayashree said that at least 150 people attended the medical camp organized by the health department in the past two days.

So far experts are trying to trace the root cause of the infection. The local people also mentioned that some of their water sources were contaminated and they had no idea how it happened.

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