Anushka Sharma is back in the news after the message she left on her Instagram story.

Anushka Sharma enthusiastically shared the victory of her husband's team on her Instagram story, declaring that it was "too exciting a game for a pregnant woman."

Actress Anuhska Sharma, who spent the last few days talking on social networks for the comments of cricketer Sunil Gavaskar against her, now makes news again.

This time the young actress made headlines for celebrating the victory of her husband Virat Kohli who led the Royal Challengers Banglore victory against the Mumbai Indians at the ongoing IPL 2020 in Dubai.

The photos she posted on her account were a collage of images showing her husband and team members. Anushka tried to represent the player's happiness in victory and also expressed her euphoria. She wrote: "Ugh! Too exciting game for a pregnant woman." She followed him with a heart emoji.

This news left everyone speechless and now we can only wish the young couple congratulations on their next child.

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