Anushka Sharma's response to Sunil Gavaskar's comment

Sunil Gavaskar was recently criticized by Anushka Sharma, as well as several cricket fans for his comment on her and her husband Virat Kohli.

Anushka Sharma's response to Sunil Gavaskar's comment

His comments came during the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab on Thursday.

Several fans took to Twitter to criticize the hitting legend, saying his comments were "sexist" and personal. And on Friday, Anushka Sharma responded to Sunil Gavaskar for his "unpleasant" comments and also asked him to explain his words.

Sunil's comment was deleted due to pressure from fans who disliked it. The exact words were: "Lock tha to sirf Anushka ki bowling ki practice ki unhone, wo video dekhi hai, us sey to kuch nahi hona hai", which roughly translates as: "During the confinement he only practiced bowling from Anushka, he had seen on video. But that won't be enough.”

Sunil Gavaskar was perhaps referring to the viral video in which Virat Kohli could be seen playing cricket with his wife at their home. Even his fellow commentator Aakash Chopra spoke of the same thing.

Here's the video where Kohli could be seen playing with Anushka:

In reaction to Gavaskar's comment, Anushka Sharma posted on Instagram: “Mr. Gavaskar, your message is unpleasant, it is a fact, but I would love for you to explain to me why you thought of making such a radical statement about a wife accusing her of her husband's gambling. I am sure that over the years he has respected the privacy of all cricketers when commenting on the game. "

Screenshot of Anushka's instagram

Despite all the controversy caused by Sunil's comment, some fans defend him and argue that the comment was misinterpreted.


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