Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Read the predictions to start your week to the fullest

If you think it was a tough week, I promise you this week will be better. Read the predictions and tips we bring to you this week

If your sign is Leo, Capricorn and Pisces, start the week with the best spirit of all, because with these predictions that we bring you below, you will be prepared for everything.

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The love you give and the love you receive will be at stake. And you should open your sleeve a little so as not to demand so much; since generosity has its reward. And you will check it quickly.

Put to work your great imagination and that inspiration so successful that you have. And you will see how very original ideas and novelties begin to emerge to create.

The most important thing will be that you pay close attention to the relationships you have with others. And how you can improve them; for the good of all, both yours and others.


If it is love, you will have to base yourself on your sensitivity and your "Savoir faire" to live up to what they expect of you. Afterwards you will feel very happy because you will have achieved something quite difficult.

You will have to rely on your sympathy at work and especially on a balance between yourself and others. It is important that there is a balance between both aspects.

Jump right into achieving what was costing you so far. That appreciation for your work, which is just a matter of looking at everything you have achieved and weighing it.

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In matters of love, this will be a different week in which you will show all your love in a special way. And that is why it will be a lucky day and one that will be worth remembering with great feeling.

You should base all your work on the intensity and the commitment that you have before your colleagues to do everything in a diligent way. So get everything ready for next week.

You will notice that the more you give to others, the greater the amount of love you receive. And you will also feel more and more lucky to be able to receive so much love from others.

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