Dr Sheetal Amte-karajgi, Baba Amte's granddaughter, dies by suicide

At 42 years old, the social activist Dr. Sheetal Amte-Karajgi, granddaughter of the legendary social activist Baba Amte, dies by suicide

Dr Sheetal Amte-Karajgi allegedly died by suicide at her Anandwan residence in Chandrapur district, about 125 kilometers from Nagpur, on Monday.

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The doctor was found unconscious and rushed to the Warora government hospital, where she was pronounced dead upon arrival. It is suspected that she committed suicide by injecting poison.

Among her direct family she had her husband and a son. She was a member of the Maharogi Sewa Samiti (Leprosy Services Committee) and was the executive director of the institution.

Earlier this week, Ms Sheetal had posted a Facebook live video in which she reportedly raised accusations against some members of her family. The video was removed in a matter of hours from her profile. Subsequently, the Amte family issued a statement that he suffered from mental stress and depression.

The family has yet to release any statement regarding Sheetal's death.

Source: Instagram

Dr. Sheetal Amte-Karajgi was also the founder of “Mashaal” and “Chirag”, the exclusive leadership training program to motivate medical professionals across India.

In addition, it established a center called “Nijbal”, which worked on disability prevention, primary, secondary and tertiary education, vocational training, employment support, various types of counseling, sports, medical and physical rehabilitation services.

Source: Instagram

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