Dr. James Naismith and his basketball legacy

Dr. Naismith is a basketball legend and not just because he is a star player, but because of all his contributions to this wonderful sport

Much is known about Dr. James Naismith and for that reason, today Google showed an animation in his honor, celebrating the legacy he has left in basketball. This incredible person has marked the history of this sport from beginning to end, because he was not just a physical education teacher, but he always wanted to go beyond and show the wonder of basketball.


Dr. Naismith was born on November 6, 1861 in Ontario, Canada. He received a Bachelor's degree in physical education and a diploma from Presbyterian College in Montreal. He taught physical education at McGill University in Montreal and served as director of athletics.

He was not only a physical education, but also a university professor, physician and Canadian-American coach, who invented the game of basketball. In addition, he claimed that it was a perfect sport for all people to improve both physically and mentally.

It was around 1890, that Dr. Naismith was teaching at the YMCA International Training College in Springfield, and because of his great knowledge in the area, he was asked to develop an indoor game to keep his players fit during the cold winter. Adapting some elements from different sports, he invented the game of basketball in 1891. Thus, with two peach baskets, a soccer ball and only ten simple rules, the game of "basketball" was created.


This practice counted in its beginnings with teams of nine players and combined elements of outdoor sports such as soccer, soccer and field field hockey. The sport started to gain fame during the following years, and in 1936, basketball made its Olympic debut in Berlin, Germany. In the debut Olympic Games, Dr. James Naismith threw the ball to start the first game, placing his name high in the history of Basketball

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