Have you already learned Camilo's new “challenge”? Look who was his first competitor

Camilo Echeverry is in the best moment of his career, after the release of his latest album "Por primera vez", which is made up of songs that come to be the favorite on audio platforms.

Have you already learned Camilo's new “challenge”? Look who was his first competitor

A few days before the premiere of his video clip "Vida de rico", Camilo is doing the "challenge" of the subject on social networks so that fans can learn the choreography.

Despite the fact that in most of the recordings that he had posted on his official account he was accompanied by her lovebird Evaluna Montaner, this time someone else wanted to keep him company.

It is about his brother-in-law Mauricio Montaner, a member of the famous duo Mau and Ricky, who is not only Evaluna's brother but also one of his closest friends.

Screenshot of Camilo's instagram

Obviously the comic phrases of Camilo did not take long to generate different reactions from the followers in his message box, who are used to his occurrences.

On the other hand, a few days ago Camilo starred in a virtual concert with the queen of his dreams, in which they showed the facilities of their matrimonial home, where they have felt very comfortable.

In this recital the singer-songwriter reflected his talent, singing the singles that have given him a privileged place in the industry such as: "Favorito", "Por primera vez" and "El mismo aire".

Click below and watch the clip of  “Favorito”.


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