Horoscope: 2021 predictions for all signs

Do you want to know your horoscope for this 2021? How the transits of Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury in 2021 will impact on each of the signs.

Horoscope: 2021 predictions for all signs / Pexels

This 2021 will be an atypical year in every sense. The strong movements that occur in the sky will impact our world in a transcendental way, advancing changes, breaking structures and accelerating transformations at an unexpected speed.

Horoscope: 2021 predictions for all signs / Pexels


You will have months of a lot of movement, with calls at all hours, last minute questions, people who come into your life and trips overnight. That is why since January you must be very prepared for any inconvenience because the first term will be very busy.


You will be very well sponsored, with a very clear and awake mind. You will do very good business, but you can also run into not very well-intentioned people who want to drag you into that world.


You will have direct Mercury, as it facilitates your communication and everything that has to do with travel, document signatures and everything you left in 2020 to start this 2021, it will be very good, especially during the first months. You are in a good time, although you should take precautions in February.


Horoscope: 2021 predictions for all signs / Pexels

During the first months of the year, until the equinox, you should think things through before doing them. In March you will begin a new cycle, an interesting astral stage in which a loving tone surrounds you, which will be vital for you.



You will enjoy 12 completely different months if 2020 was not the best for you ... January will pass peacefully, but from February be careful with the rainfall, as Mercury retrograde arrives. Give the benefit of the doubt, when you get gossip from people you love, because you could find yourself involved in something that is not the best.


This year you will avoid difficulties, adapting to the circumstances that are presented to you. January will begin with a shower of stars that will be very important for you to activate your intellect and propose to make very concrete plans for the rest of the year.


You are starting the year on a very positive note, evaluating what has happened to you lately. You will start by purifying your life of false friends or toxic people, people who promised you things and did not keep them. It is a heavy load that you do not need in your life.


This 2021 brings an important connotation for you thanks to the stars, which create some confusion in your life, especially around August. They are months of family joy and good news, with a very interesting last semester, particularly for your birthday cycle.


Take advantage of all the good things that are presented since the new year, because you are a very positive person. With Jupiter expanding in Aquarius, your mind will be very clear. Everything you can think of, like lucky numbers or sentimental proposals, will work for you.


Take advantage of the beginning of the year with your birthday cycle so that you enjoy everything that life is offering you, as it is a time of joy and preparation for what comes next in 2021.


Horoscope: 2021 predictions for all signs / Pexels

Saturn entered your sign, but you must see it as a learning process, depending on what happens to you, it does not matter if it is good or bad. If you are a negative person who focuses on regrets, then I do not predict a good transit. In your hands is how to take it and how to react to what happens to you this time. Saturn is your choice.


In this year 2021, you start it very well, quite happy and festive and with self-confidence. If you had disappointments and disappointments, you overcome them without problems. When your birthday cycle arrives, everything will change in a wonderful way as a result of the positive vibrations of Jupiter that will enter your sign towards the middle of the year.

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