Horoscope: How each Zodiac sign lives Christmas

We are all different, therefore we will experience Christmas in a different way. Each horoscope lives it in a different way, they decorate their house, do the shopping and feel the Christmas spirit in a different way. So we are going to see how each Zodiac Sign lives Christmas.

Horoscope: How each Zodiac sign lives Christmas

The horoscope can give us clues about how you live and what the perfect Christmas is like for each zodiac sign to learn much more about the people who belong to the signs of earth, water, fire or air.

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Will meet Christmas, up to a limit. But on the 27th he will run off to go skiing or traveling with his friends. For him it is the ideal occasion to reunite the whole family and experience that inescapable annual procedure. You are a foodie, so for once you will forget about restrictions and not look at what you spend. His Christmas tree will be austere just like himself and with few decorations.


He loves Christmas and tradition. He lives it with great enthusiasm. He likes that everything is impeccable and that there is no lack of detail. He is not stingy. What has to be spent on new decorations and garlands is spent. Find the right gift for each person and spare no expense. Sometimes the bull catches them, because even if it is clear to him, he is leaving everything for last. But the important thing is that on Christmas Eve your house is perfect, recharged and there will be no lack of detail.


You will experience Christmas in the Christmas spirit, but you will ride it at the last minute, because the bull will catch you as always. No lists, maximum improvisation and at the last moment you will have forgotten everything, but you will go out 50 times to find what you need. Decoration: yes, it will mount the Nativity Scene, the Tree, the crown on the door and the entire house. Lights everywhere, original garlands ... even in bed, kitchen ... Exaggerated!


He celebrates it in a big way and with the family. Austerity and exquisiteness. He will do whatever he has to do for the family and especially for his children. Maybe I will do it only a week before, but I assure you that there will be no lack of detail. Sophisticated and exuberant decoration, loads of gifts and very expensive. The Tree, the Nativity, the crown on the door. They decorate it to surprise the children and find it all done. They are very jealous of their privacy and their family.



He loves tradition, the Christmas spirit, decorating his house and living it to the fullest. Decoration: it is sophisticated and elegant, so it will not lack detail. Tree and Bethlehem, of course. Wreath on the door and garlands. He will take the balls of the grandfather, the Nativity of the great-grandmother and mix it with the most modern that he has found in the most chic store in the city. He likes to have the whole family participate and set up the tree with Christmas carols. He is very organized, forward-thinking and practical.


Two months before they have the turkey ordered at an organic farm, the supermarket list, the list of gifts made and they have already decided how they will spend Christmas this year. They can't help it. planning and organization are basic and elementary for them in their lives.

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They love Christmas, tradition, Christmas carols and good food. They will not kill themselves organizing anything. They will expect others to organize everything, yes, they will contribute logistical ideas for others to work. Decor: classic and ornate luxury. They will put a Tree in super charged red and gold tones, the Nativity (1/2 mt. High in papier-mâché, wreath on the door, the table luxuriously decorated with china, tablecloth and rock crystal glassware.


They live Christmas as they feel it, in a very relaxed way. They want to share those dates with the family, but not too much, they will disturb their home. They need little noise, an intimate atmosphere and at all times Zen, with Chill Out music and an elegant decoration, which has little Christmas. Just enough for the family and children to feel Christmas. They will put the tree and the crown on the front door.



Sagittarians want it all: tradition, delicious food, family, but quickly that on the 26th they have to go on an adventure trip. The menu: they love to eat well, the traditional things made by Mom and Grandma and for dessert, don't miss out on sweets. They love sweets! They will wrap their gifts themselves, in a modern and original way. Gifts for everyone, but they won't spend too much. They are stingy and austere.


They love Christmas, but they are very lazy to decorate the house. If they can, they direct the operation for someone else to do it. They are usually too busy to go into these details. Of course, when they do, they do not lack detail. They are traditional to the fullest, they like luxury and they decorate everything very classic. Ornate decoration, they put Tree, Nativity Scene, Crown on the door and garlands over the fireplace, garlands throughout the house or lights on the stairs.


They live Christmas with great enthusiasm. They love family and Christmas is the ideal and most endearing time to welcome them all in their bosom and in their home. The tradition is to please and pamper the family. The decor is modern with an innovative touch. They love to innovate and go in search of the most modern and sober objects. They put the Tree very sober or with neon lights and the hyper modern balls. They do not like ornate decoration or too much color.

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They like traditional Christmas because it is the time to be with the family and share those special moments with them. They will fill them with very thoughtful gifts for each of them. They love the garlands on the door, the well-set table with matching cutlery supports, napkins and tablecloths.

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