Horoscope: How to seduce each zodiac sign

Did you meet someone who attracts you and you don't know how to approach? Asking him about his horoscope can be a great conversation starter and can also give you a head start in knowing how to reach his heart.

Horoscope: How to seduce each zodiac sign

Find here some tips to make a person fall in love according to their zodiac sign. They can be shy people so do not expect great displays of affection or to be chased into a relationship, you will have to take the initiative and make decisions.

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Aries does not seek shyness in their partners, as a worthy fire sign they are attracted to people who live with intensity.

To start getting closer, it is important to make your intentions clear to them, they like to know that they are wanted and admired. But they also like to take the reins in relationships so for your seduction mission to be successful take initiative, you can show your feelings in a moment of impulsiveness, but then take a step back and let Aries decide the next move. Don't make it a chase or you'll end up losing.


Patience with Taurus. This earth sign likes to create special bonds with their partners, have experiences that are unique and connect on deep levels; They are not the best candidates for casual encounters or fast-escalating relationships.

A great way to get to the heart of Taurus is through food. If you try to capture the attention of a Taurus on an empty stomach, you are wasting your time.

A first date with good food in between will be your lucky charm, once there try to create a space for relaxation, honesty and romance.


Geminis need versatility in their life and relationships, they like to be in constant change and try different things. Spontaneity and surprises will be your allies to make this air sign fall in love.

For a first date it will be better to opt for something dynamic and fun, such as a music festival or a visit to an amusement park. Beware of revealing everything about yourself in a hurry because they will feel that there is nothing new to discover and they will be tempted to look elsewhere for love.


Sensitivity is one of the most characteristic features of Cancer. If you tend to criticize people a lot, you better watch your words because this sign does not take judgments against them well.

To make someone with Cancer fall in love, you will have to consider that they are very emotional people who give a lot of weight to their intuition. To get closer, you should practice your empathy and do your best to understand their mood swings or occasional nostalgia.


Leo people tend to have big egos, so try to applaud them for their strengths and successes. They love to be the priority of another person, to feel that they are the most important thing for their partner, which can be dangerous in the field of jealousy. You have to let them know how much you care about them and how much you love them, but without giving much room for reproaches and fights because they can get out of control.

They tend to have a great sense of humor and are very creative people. An excellent pretext to get closer is to ask them for help with something and let them be heroes.

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With Virgo, spontaneity will not work. They like plans and have control over situations that come their way. If you want a date at your house, take into account that they tend to have an almost obsessive fixation with order and cleanliness, so take the time to collect before and leave everything clean and impeccable so that nothing distracts attention from what you want.

Virgo's ego is not like that of Leo's, they are people with more insecurities who give a lot of thought to their personal decisions. Build your confidence; let him know that you do not consider his imperfections as defects, but as characteristics that make him special and you will take a giant leap to his heart.


Balance is Libra's top priority. You can let him know that you are interested, but not too much because he will run away.

They can be shy people so do not expect great displays of affection or to be chased into a relationship, you will have to take the initiative and make decisions. You have to give them time to feel confident with you, little by little they will begin to open up and you will be glad to have waited.

They like to learn new things. A trip to the cinema or a museum may be the best way to get to know each other.

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