Horoscope: The most sensual signs of the zodiac

All the signs of the zodiac have a certain degree of sensuality, some to a greater or lesser extent, but finally a penchant for pleasure and passion is present in the twelve signs.

Horoscope: The most sensual signs of the zodiac

However, the signs that have greater sensuality, have a greater ability to attract people with whom they will create a bond more easily and with greater intensity.

The most sensual signs of the zodiac / Pexels

12. Aquarius

As Aquarius is a loner by nature, it is difficult for him to show his sexy side and open up without questioning his lovers. Those born under this sign have conflict in showing their intimacy and opening up with others; They are not the wildest in bed, but when they feel confident, nobody stops them.

11. Capricorn

This sign is extremely selective with its partners and for this reason it does not stand out in the sexual field. However, very few pass the list of their demands.

10. Taurus

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, however, he is very stubborn and sometimes he does not like to show his sensual side simply because he does not feel like it, but when he proposes it, he surprises many.

9. Virgo

The sign of perfection, which seeks to be in control even in sex; It is difficult to show his playful side, but when they maintain a bond with their lovers, they have a tender touch that is irresistible.

8. Libra

Libra is flirtatious and has no problem conquering whoever he wants, however, he can be possessive and jealous in the area of the couple, he can even have problems such as his lovers moving away because of his intensity.

7. Gemini

Those governed under this sign are passionate about nature and know how to stimulate their partners in the romantic and sexual area, which can be a great experience.

6. Sagittarius

The most sensual signs of the zodiac / Pexels

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is pioneer in everything, and is always looking to break barriers and experience new things with their lovers without any limit, they let themselves be carried away by the moment and flow with ease in the sexual area. The problem? Sometimes it is difficult to satiate it!

5. Cancer

This sign is affectionate and passionate by nature, with their loved ones but also in sensual pleasure. Cancer is a sign that exudes passion and can easily surprise people.

4. Leo

People born under this sign are passionate and do not settle for little in the sexual sphere. When they find the right person, you don't want to get her out of bed. What can ruin the moment? The ego, which can make Leo boring.

3. Aries

Aries is a sign with a very high degree of intellectuality and passion. For this reason, those governed under this sign, waste passion on their bedmates but their disadvantage is that they can ruin the moment by wanting to dominate the whole experience.

2. Pisces

This innocent little fish of the zodiac can sometimes appear as a calm and focused person, but he is totally passionate; However, he meditates well when choosing his lovers, and for that reason, he enjoys sexual experiences a lot.

1. Scorpio

The most sexual sign of the zodiac, who is willing to explore all kinds of experiences, and whoever is willing, will spend great moments with Scorpio, both in the sexual and romantic realms, because he loves without limits.

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