Horoscope: This is how you will end the year according to your zodiac sign

What does this last section of the year hold for each zodiac sign? This is what the stars announce in terms of economy and work.

Horoscope: This is how you will end the year according to your zodiac sign

Multiple paths with infinite possibilities and endings that will lead you to different situations. Some very good and some not so good. Facing them in one way or another only depends on yourself. Do you want to know what the future will hold for you in the next few months?

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For this sign, a very good year ends. All their risky and "crazy" projects end up being realized and they will see it reflected in their economy. They will be fine at work, so it is not a good time to change jobs and use that luck for 2021.


They end an economically troubled, but orderly year. It is a sign that wastes money but it has cost it to reach that order, so it is not in a position to waste what it has achieved. If you change jobs, you can do it until April 2021.


It is a sign that is bored in the same place, so you constantly seek to change jobs or invest in new businesses or challenges. This could lead to bad luck. By the end of the year, you should take every opportunity that comes your way for a good 2021.


Those of this sign have saved throughout the year, so they will start in 2021 capitalized. They should not be so generous. They have the opportunity to change jobs, the first offers will start in November and will continue until February.

How you will end the year according to your zodiac sign / Pexels


The year will end badly economically. In November, judicial problems, accidents, fights, arguments and money lost to ego will appear. They will bounce back from the slump in March. And if they want to be stable by 2021, they should start to settle their scores.


The year ends in economic order, with new jobs and projects but no money. It has to remain austere until the end of the year so that 2021 is a harvest. Those who have a job will have to stay there, even for the next year.


Those of this sign do not end the year well because they are already spent. Libra is aware that it has been spent or invested in other things, such as change of house, travel or studies. Its economy will be reactivated again from March 2021.


Those of this sign are characterized by being impulsive and overspending, but they are also capable of controlling their money. They end a good year economically, they end up with work, but they have to keep it even for next year.


He is adventurous, and this characteristic caused this year to end without funds and he must take care of his planned expenses for end of the year parties. They will be able to recover their economy from February and another part in April. If you are looking for changes in the workplace, it is recommended from May.

How you will end the year according to your zodiac sign / Pexels


You will register money outflows or leaks, due to unnecessary loans and bad investments, which will make you end the year without money, something that affects you emotionally. Capricorn must be very strict since November economically to avoid calamities.


It is a messy sign on the economic issue. When you set out to save, you never have money, but when you do, you spend irresponsibly. The year ends "with what is on." The aquarium enjoys the irresponsibility of spending more than the responsibility of generating new resources.


They are very dramatic with money, but they are very generous and that's why they do well. They end the year with good finances because they have been working hard on their projects for the last two or three years. Invest in love and your partner, more than in children (if you have them).

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