Horoscope: the zodiac signs with the most inflated ego

There are people who believe they have the right and the obligation to be the center of attention wherever they go.

Horoscope: the zodiac signs with the most inflated ego

The zodiac has three signs as the most egocentric. They are those people who believe they are the navel of the world, the last soda in the desert. Narcissistic, vain, somewhat arrogant and always on an altar that they built themselves. These are the most egocentric signs of the zodiac.

They are those people who believe they are the navel of the world


Virgo people seek criticism of others all the time. They are detailed and, when they find the fault, they make an effort to fix it, but not before showing everyone that they were the ones who noticed the mistake and rubbing it in the face as much as they can to the person responsible for the mistake.

They have very high and unrealistic standards for measuring others. However, they don't have a double bar and when they fail to rise to the occasion, they feel like a failure.

Virgp is the most egocentric signs of the zodiac


They are overly concerned about them. But it doesn't end there: Capricorns are extremely controlling and want their word to be kept to the letter by those around them. However, they work hard and give beyond 100% in everything they participate. They don't get on their ego to look bad.

The negative thing is that they relate their personal worth to achievements in all areas of their life -mainly economic achievements- and they cannot understand that something they achieve cannot be achieved by others, whom they consider "inferior."


As is known, Scorpio people are characterized by their strong character, have a great personality and always look confident. They hardly ever trust other people, so they believe in advance that what they don't do or supervise will go wrong. However, they never take responsibility when something goes wrong.

Scorpions "are never wrong" - to acknowledge this would be to lower their very high ego and they are not willing to do it - and they are capable of making anyone jump overboard, as long as they do not look bad.


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