"If was a drug addict, I would not have survived so long and done over 100 films" Rahul Dev

Slamming the whole narrative that 99% of people in Bollywood do drugs, actor Rahul Dev says that all actors do stunts and asks that how can somebody do that while they are on drugs?

This sort of generalisation has not gone down well with many in the film industry, and Rahul Dev is one of them.

Rahul Dev

"I am a complete outsider. I am 50 and, I have never done drugs in my life. I have been a part of showbiz for 30 years if you count modelling, and what I am finding disappointing is that people are saying sab drug addict hain,” rues Dev.

Further proving his point why actors cannot be on drugs, he says, “When I have to do a stunt, I have to jump from 16th floor or the 11th floor, would I be able to do it if I was on drugs , you need your mind to be so attentive of you miss the centre, you will lose your life. All actors do stunts, so how can somebody do that while they are on drugs?” the actor asks.

However, Dev is quick to add some people in the industry would have tried drugs just for fun, but he doesn’t know any such people.

“I know a lot of people who drink alcohol. But I am a teetotaler. What I don’t like is that the narrative is about all actors- big, small or medium, they all take drugs. I am 112 films old and if was a drug addict I would not have survived so long,” he says.

Actor Vicky Kaushal has also been named among other actors as rumoured cocaine addicts. Dev says he is disgusted to even hear that.

“He is a very hard working actor. I have done 5 or 6 films with his father, Shyam Kaushal and they are very nice people. Vicky is such a fabulous actor and he gets into the character in all his films so well. If he works so hard, do you think he could do it because he took drugs? Think about it. It is such an irresponsible statement about industry that poori industry bakwas hai,” the actor concludes.

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