Kamya Panjabi comes out in support of Jaya Bachchan

Kamya Panjabi supported the deputy and famous actress, Jaya Bachchan, who on Tuesday accused the entertainment industry from defaming the movie industry.

Kamya Panjabi comes out in support of Jaya Bachchan

Bachcha's statements came a day after BJP MP, Lok Sabha, and Bhojpuri actor, Ravi Kishan, said there was a drug addiction problem in the film industry.

Jaya Bachchan on Rajya Sabha

The former Bollywood actress reacted with a statement on Rajya Sabha saying: "Yesterday I felt really ashamed and sorry that one of our members in the Lok Sabha, who belongs to the industry, speaks out against her." It's a shame 'jis thali mein khate hai usi me chhed karte hai', galat baat hai ".

Through a Zero Hour mention in Rajya Sabha, Jaya Bachchan said the entertainment industry, in general, was being flogged by social media and asked the government to protect and support it.

Kamya has also expressed her support for Sushant Singh Rajput's family after the actor's sudden disappearance, and commented on her social media that she has always wanted to know the truth behind Sushant's suicide. She also clarified that she is against abuse towards anyone.

However, this modified stand did not go with several of Kamya's followers and internet users.

To stop the trolling, Kamya explained in others tweets what she is against and for. 

And at the same time he clarified his position with Bollywood:


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