Karol G calmed the rumors of the break with Auel AA for her publication on Instagram

Karol G has been in the news in recent days and today he continues to talk about it. It was rumored that the Colombian singer Karol G and her Puerto Rican partner, Anuel AA, would have ended their relationship.

It all started after their fans noticed that the couple stopped sharing the romantic photos they were already used to on Instagram.

Likewise, through Twitter, hundreds of people began to speculate that the artists, who began their media relationship in 2018 after recording the video clip for Culpables, had ended their relationship

In a video posted on Instagram, the Tusa interpreter explained that she traveled to the Latin American country to reunite with her parents because she had not been able to see them.

However, in the afternoon of this Monday, the singer posted a video on her Instagram Stories in which she tagged her partner. "I miss you dad, I almost see you @anuel", she wrote about the images in which Goku is seen, the little dog they share, thus calming the rumors of her fans.

However, for now the couple has not referred to the theories of their fans so there is still doubt in some fans.

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