Learn the true story of HIV / AIDS over time

December 1 is the World Day of the Fight against AIDS, so today, we will explain to you what is the real meaning of the commemoration of this day and its most shocking curiosities throughout history

It was commemorated for the first time on December 1, 1988. In this year the disease was still being known in depth and many people in the world were being affected. For the moment, the mortality rate was very high and many people did not know the reason for their infection.

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It appears on the African Continent (Sub-Saharan Africa), it is believed that through Buddhist rites that these inhabitants performed with the blood of monkeys; they had SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus) this virus mutated and passed to man as the now known HIV.

The 90's

At the beginning of this decade, it became the leading cause of death worldwide. For this reason, in 1993, the National AIDS Program was created, which began providing free medicines to HIV patients.

Start of the new millennium

UNAIDS and WHO estimated that, at the end of 2000, the number of people living with HIV or AIDS stood at 36.1 million. That figure is more than 50% higher than that projected in 1991 by the WHO Global Program on AIDS from the data then available.

News on HIV / AIDS

Although there is no cure for HIV, there is a treatment called Highly Active Antiretroviral Treatment that consists of a combination of different drugs that do different things. Many are the treatment schemes that are currently followed and each time they become more specific to combat the disease.


The red ribbon is an international symbol designed to show support for the fight against AIDS and to show solidarity with the victims of the disease and those living with HIV. It consists of a piece of folded red ribbon that is attached to the chest or lapel of the suit.

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