Natalia Barulich, Maluma's ex-girlfriend breaks the silence and talks about her relationship with Neymar

The beautiful woman, Natalia Barulich was interviewed in the program ''Ventaneando'' and answered the questions about her ex-boyfriend and her relationship with Neymar.

"What did you feel when you heard the song"Hawaii"by Maluma?" was one of the incisive questions they asked Natalia, who is also promoting her work as a DJ.

The answer was very direct from Natalia Barulich: “To be honest, I didn't believe anything about it. I don't know if he dedicated it to me, I heard he did, I also heard he didn't, and the truth is I don't care. That is in the past and I want to leave it there, because that was an experience in my life, which I do not regret, but it is time to overcome that and we have been separated for a year.

Also, they asked Barulich different questions about his alleged courtship with Neymar to which the American disappointed many of his fans with his answer: “No, he is a great friend and I don't know why the media think we are together, just because some Sometimes a model has a photo shoot with a soccer player or a basketball player ... that was just a photo shoot. I have a lot of respect for him and he is great and I always see him when I'm in Paris, when I'm in Europe. We have a great relationship, but it's not what everyone thinks. "

Those were her statements in the interview, making clear her position on the relationships where she is involved in social networks with Neymar and Maluma.

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