New eyewitness in the case of Disha Salian

A witness tells the media that Disha Salian was gang-raped by 4 men at the party held before her death.

New eyewitness in the case of Disha Salian.

The mysterious death of Disha Salian continues giving something to talk about. The person, who according to the media was present at the party, said Disha's screams were suppressed behind the shrill music that was being played at the party.

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The witness confirmed that there were a total of 6 people at the party, including Rohan Rai. News Nation has stated that it has a lot of evidence from the case and will deliver it to the CBI today.

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However, earlier, Disha's parents had said that the angle of the rape was completely false. But according to the post-mortem report, she had revealed that she had no clothes on her body when she was found dead after falling from the 14th floor of a building, which would have cast doubt on the Mumbai police claim that Disha had committed suicide.

In fact, BJP leader Nitish Rane at a press conference alleged that Disha's autopsy report revealed that he had wound marks on hes private parts.

Speaking to India Today on the theories of politicians on rape and murder, Vasanti Salian said: “This is all false. Malvani police (where Disha Salian's case is being investigated) have all the documents registered. We have seen the post mortem report. The Mumbai Police are doing their job correctly and therefore we trust the Mumbai Police. We were quiet before, but all these media slandering our daughter just can't take it anymore. Therefore, I ask people to understand what the truth is. "

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