Nidhhi Agerwal: "Nepotism exists everywhere"

The Munna Michael (2017) actress says that even though she wishes she had things easier being an outsider in the industry, she is not someone who would want to talk about it, rather accept it

For actress Nidhhi Agerwal, the lockdown has been “great on some days, and on other days it’s like, ‘oh god! When is all this going to end?’”. “It has been interesting. I have learnt something new, just been at home, got so much time to relax and do all of the lazing around. And there have been days where I think, ‘when is work going to start?’. I really miss work. It depends on which side of the bed I wake up,” she says with a laugh.

Niddhi Agerwal

Ask her about groupism and favouritism in the industry, and she says, “I think it exists in every fraternity. When you are the favourite it is amazing, but when you are not, it sucks.” 

Agerwal, who made her debut opposite Tiger Shroff in Munna Michael (2017), feels “nepotism exists everywhere”. “My dad is known as the king of tyres in the tyre industry and he is a completely self-made man. And if I were to join the business, I would be called the queen of tyres the next day,” she says.

She further adds, “Do I wish I had it easier being an outsider in the industry? Yes, of course, I wish had it easier. Why would we choose the difficult path. But I would not want to sit and talk about it and get affected about it. I would rather just accept it. I am happy with what I have achieved in the last three years. I am aiming to be a pan-Indian star and I am doing my ground work I am on my way there.”

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