PETA campaign in Germany goes viral on internet

The organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) carried out an advertising campaign that has gone viral on the internet.

This campaign has gone viral for its content in defense of the freedom of animals. The video shows a gorilla, locked in a zoo, listening to the song ''I Want to Break Free'' by Queens. The animal has headphones in its hands that it then puts in its ears to listen to the music, while a group of children who are visiting the zoo, make sounds imitating the growl of a gorilla, one of the boys simply observes it and stays staring at the gorilla.

After a moment, the animal turns around and begins to growl, to which all the children run out except one, the one who looked at him without making a sound. The gorilla throws the device where he was listening to music and the song is played, while from his confinement he looks at him with sad eyes.

The video ends with a message that reads:''All animals aspire to be free. For them, zoos are prisons''.

PETA is a German organization that fights for animal rights. Based in the United States, and with three million members and supporters. In addition, it is the largest group for animal rights in the world.

 This is the first campaign that he has carried out that has given so much to talk about on the internet. The organization hopes to make the population aware of the welfare of animals and their right to live free.

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