Raghav Juyal: My brother who went to treat a skin problem was told tum log drugs lena bandh karo

Dancer and actor Raghav Juyal says there might be some people who are into drugs but the entire thing has been generalised and judgments are being passed on social media.

The drug controversy that has shook the film industry seems to be creeping into the lives of not just actors but their families, too. Dancer-actor, Raghav Juyal recently took to social media to share an unpleasant incident that his family in Dehradun went through amid this ongoing expose about Bollywood drug mafia.

“My brother has been getting these painful boils of late. So, along with my mother, he went to see a doctor. The doctor knows about me and that my brother is an independent filmmaker. Before even checking his problem, the doctor said, ‘Arrey tum Bombay se kab wapas aaye, tumhare bhai bhi hai na wahan pe? Suno tum log na drugs lena bandh karo’,” he shares.

Juyal shares his mother was shocked and even tried reasoning with the doctor that her son doesn’t consume any such things. But the doctor refused to believe her.

“The doctor replied, ‘Rhea Chakraborty’s mother also said she isn’t into drugs’. Our neighbours and relatives, too, have been saying such thing to my parents. Some said, ‘Aapka beta na bolega, par sahi se pata karlo aaj kal yahi ho raha hai’,” rues Juyal.

He adds all these comments are affecting his family’s mental and physical health. “There might be some people who’re into drugs, but the entire thing has been generalised. It seems people are being brainwashed into believing that the whole industry is into drugs,” he says.

The 28-year-old feels a certain section of the media and social media are in a way creating these misunderstandings.

“Things are getting so toxic. On TV, what’s mostly being discussed is drugs in Bollywood. Why aren’t we talking about GDP, economy slowdown, world peace, corona, farmer problems etc? Such news are affecting the youth, especially teenagers who’re at an impressionable age,” he says, further calling out social media trial.

“I don’t understand these people passing these judgments on social media. We have a judiciary to do that, right? Opinions and discussions are fine but these threats, abuses and trials on social media are going to another level,” he opines.

Dancer-actor Raghav Juyal plays negative lead in Abhay 2 and one of the pivotal roles in the Bollywood film Bahut Hua Sammaan

Reacting to the narratives around other biases in Bollywood, Juyal says he doesn’t pay much heed to all these and insists that nepotism and favouritism exist in every sector.

“Neither I’m a Kapoor nor a Dhawan, so I knew my journey would be difficult. If you’re aiming at just showing off your body or to work in Karan Johar films, or to attend those big parties, then it’s something else. My aim is to better my craft and satisfy my creative urge. To do that, there are several filmmakers I can work with, so why worry or crib?” ends Juyal.

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