Ram Lakhan actors Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff applaud their onscreen pairing, talk of their decades old bond on Twitter

Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff took to Twitter to talk in glowing terms of their hit pairing on Saturday. While Jackie said he is always ready to work with Anil, the latter said no could ever cast an evil eye on their bond.

Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff engaged in a rare banter on Twitter on Saturday after a news article about them not doing any film together surfaced online. While Jackie said he is always ready to do a film with Anil, the latter said no one could cast an evil eye on their hit jodi.

Jackie came across a news article which quoted a source close to him as saying that the actor had no film with Anil in the pipeline. Reacting to the article, Jackie wrote on Twitter, “Kya, kaun kuch bhi bolta hai....Lakhan production any role sar ankhon pey. Hugging face @AnilKapoor (People say whatever they feel like. For any film from Lakhan Production, may I say - your wish is my command).” 

In a while, Anil came to show some love to his onscreen and offscreen pal. He replied to him on Twitter, “Ram Bhai, apni jodi ko sab nazar laga rahe hain...par lagegi nahi! Love You @bindasbhidu (Brother Ram, everybody keeps eyeing our pairing...but no one can cast an evil eye on us).”

Anil and Jackie are known as the famous Ram Lakhan of Bollywood. The two featured in several films together in the 1980s with Ram Lakhan (1989), Yudh (1985), Karma (1986), and Parinda (1989) being some of the most memorable ones.

Several years ago, Jackie had told Hindustan Times in an interview, “I don’t know when our sons will get to work together in a film, but I believe that we still have the same screen presence. I really want to work with Anil again and show to the world that we can create the same magic that we used to in the ’80s.”

Anil and Jackie continue to act in films even as their children have also joined the industry. While Jackie’s son Tiger Shroff is already counted as one of the most daring action heroes of Bollywood, Anil’s daughter Sonam Kapoor and son Harshvardhan Kapoor are also actors. His younger daughter Rhea Kapoor is a film producer.

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