Shloka and Akash Ambani are now parents of a beautiful baby

Shloka and Akash Ambani became proud parents of a beautiful baby in Mumbai today. Find out here about all the details

Reliance Industries President Mukesh Ambani welcomed his new grandson after it was announced Thursday. His or his son Akash and his daughter-in-law Shloka became parents of a beautiful baby who will bring happiness to the whole family

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The eldest son of the billionaire Ambani family is now the father of a beautiful baby. This news seems to be one of the most named of the day as it made many people happy in Munbai. The family has spoken through their spokesperson and mentioned the following:

Nita and Mukesh Ambani are delighted to become grandparents

Akash Ambani is the eldest son of Mukesh and Nita Ambani; Shloka Mehta is the daughter of diamond magnate Russell Mehta and Mona. The two went to school together at Dhirubhai Ambani International School and have known each other since childhood.

It seems that their love story was destined since childhood, it seems a lot of coincidence that their relationship was so close since childhood. Now the 29-year-old is a happy father alongside his wife Shloka.

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Akash married the daughter of diamantaire Russell Mehta, Shloka, in March 2019 and just a year and a few months later, he already has the joy of being blessed with his new baby that will change their lives completely.

In addition, it seems that the joy they overflow is transmitted to those closest to them, as their family and close friends have published their wishes of blessings and happiness about their new baby and the new stage that they have to live.

With the grace and blessings of Lord Krishna, Shloka and Akash Ambani today became the proud parents of a baby in Mumbai

 It was the official statement from the Ambani family.

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