The Weeknd makes a big impact with its facial changes

The Canadian singer appears with a totally different face in his latest video. Find out the reasons for this change

Many people resort to cosmetic surgery to make some retouching or change one or another faction of their body, and on this occasion Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known by his stage name The Weeknd, has recently joined in. In his latest video 'Save your tears', a song from his recent album 'After Hours', he appears with a grotesquely changed face. In the video she shows how her thin crooked nose, swollen cheeks and lips, bruised eyes and disturbing surgical scars make her new face stand out.


Her appearance has caused a stir on social networks with hundreds of comments and reviews and the occasional meme. "Why does The Weeknd look like this in the Save Your Tears video? I don't like it," said one horrified fan. Some Internet users have speculated that it was the artist's response to being snubbed by the Grammy Awards 2021.

The first clues that the 30-year-old Canadian R&B Hip Hop singer had gone through surgery were given by him when he went to the American Music Award ceremony last November with his face completely bandaged and full of bandages, which caused general disbelief and uneasiness among some of his fans.

For the peace of his audience and fans, this is nothing more than a commercial strategy to publicize the last song of Selena Gomez's ex, with a video in which he ends up shooting himself with a gun that throws colored papers.

This facial change tells a sequential story that is shown in the video clips of his latest videos from the new album.

Now we'll see what news the musician and producer The Weeknd, who will perform at the Super Bowl 2021 next February 7, a date very given to excess and the great show.

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