The day that Lady Di broke the standards with her well-known “revenge dress”

The revenge dress is a controversial outfit that Princess Diana of Wales wore on the same day that her still husband, Prince Charles, publicly announced his adultery with Camilla Parker Bowles.

On the same day that Princess Diana appears, Prince Charles publicly confessed her relationship with Camilla Parker, so Lady Di considered that it was time to show that she was no longer dependent on royal protocols and appeared with a sensual design by Christina Stambolian. That day is known to the British as the day of revenge.

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At the end of June 1994, Vanity Fair magazine invited Diana to an event attended by the Princess of Wales and in which she stood out among all the models and celebrities of the time. Greek designer Christina Stambolian's black dress went out to show the world that Lady Di could stand up to royalty.

On the night of June 29 on 1942, Vanity Fair magazine hosted the annual charity gala at the Serpentine Gallery in London to raise money for the art gallery. This event coincided with the broadcast of a documentary on British national television in which Prince Charles, from whom Diana had been separated since 1992, made public his love affair with Camilla Parker Bowles while he was still married, which meant acknowledging the fact of having committed adultery.

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I was faithful until it became clear to me that our marriage was irreparably broken

said the son of Elizabeth II and father of Harry and William on the program. The declaration allowed Lady Di to make a final closure with royalty and open her wardrobe looking for the model that would allow her to demonstrate it. The model violated several rules of the actual protocol.

First, the members of the monarchy cannot use the color black, since it is reserved only for mourning the death of a member of the family or relevant person. Neither can the shoulders or legs be shown. But Diana didn't care.

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The impact caused by the controversial image of the Princess of Wales on the same day that her husband made his infidelity public led to her outfit becoming known as the "dress of revenge", although it did not receive this nickname until 2013, when it was called this way by the auction house Kerry Taylor Auctions.

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