The farmers' protest continues. Find out here about the details

The days go on and the protests of the farmers still stand. Farmers have been protesting against farm laws for days and negotiations with the Center's farmers are not coming to an end.

Farmers in Punjab and Haryana in particular have said they are deeply concerned. The roads were blocked on the outskirts of Delhi which has made the situation difficult. Some have come with their families and are participating in this demonstration. People involved in the protests included children, women, and the elderly.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has mentioned that the new laws will benefit farmers. These laws promise to increase the monetary income of farmers and strengthen them financially. Donors are assured that they will not be harmed.

However, farmers do not give up their concern. No progress has been made in the negotiations between the Central Government and the farmers. They intensified their struggle and called for a Bharat Bandh on December 8.

Despite this and that the government mentions that these new laws will be in favor of farmers, the protesters mention that the new laws will benefit companies and that they have nothing to lose. Settle said the concern will continue until some farm laws are repealed.

1. Farmers Price Guarantee (Empowerment, Advocacy), Service Contract Act.

For any crop. Farmers can reach an agreement with the buyer regarding their products. It has a time limit of at least one harvest and a maximum of five years. Farmers can hire buyers before planting. There will be a three-tier system for dispute resolution.

2. Commodity Law The center has the power to control the production, supply, distribution, and sale of commodities.

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