‘The plane was still on runway’: Rakul Preet Singh was on her way to shoot film with Arjun Kapoor when told of his Covid-19 diagnosis

Rakul Preet Singh has shared that she was ready to head to Mumbai on a flight when she was told that Arjun Kapoor had tested positive for coronavirus. They were to shoot for an upcoming film together for a week.

Actor Rakul Preet Singh has shared how she was told about Arjun Kapoor’s Covid-19 diagnosis right before they were to start working on their upcoming film together. Rakul said she was on her flight to Mumbai when she heard about her co-star.

Rakul Preet Singh and Arjun Kapoor will be seen in a cross-border love story.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Rakul said, “The plane was still on the runway when I got the call. Had I known even half an hour earlier, I wouldn’t have boarded the flight.” Rakul was to shoot with Arjun from September 7 to 14. When she heard about Arjun,she called up Telugu film director Krish, with whom she is working on another prject.

Rakul asked him if they could prepone the shoot, originally scheduled for September 15 but it wasn’t a possibility. “Since they also had to get dates from other stars and permissions, we only started this Thursday,” she said. Rakul later flew back to Hyderabad.

The actor said that she was in Mumbai in August and the film’s crew was tested for Covid-19 ahead of the shoot. While Rakul tested negative, Arjun wasn’t so lucky. “I had tested negative the day before Arjun’s report came. He didn’t come in contact with anyone on the set. I traced back and figured that he might have come in contact with someone infected while I was shooting in Hyderabad,” she said. Rakul added that she has been keeping in touch with Arjun and that he is doing well.

Arjun revealed his coronavirus diagnosis on Sunday. The actor issued a statement and said that he is asymptomatic and “will be under home quarantine.“It is my duty to inform all of you that I have tested positive for coronavirus,” wrote the Panipat actor as he issued a statement on Instagram.

He further shared that he is in home isolation and added, “I’m feeling ok and I’m asymptomatic. I have isolated myself at home under the advice of doctors and authorities and will be under home quarantine.” Later, his girlfriend Malaika Arora also tested positive for coronavirus.

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